How Park Turtle works

The smart way to manage boat parking and storage

Need an easy way to manage your boat parking?

Park Turtle helps you to manage your boat parking, storage and seasonal fees all in one smart little app.

Harbours and marinas are busy places - it’s hard to keep track of all that traffic. With space at a premium, you need to optimise your parking to maximise your revenue!

Park Turtle informs staff:

  • How many boats are parked
  • How many boats are paid
  • How long boats have been present
  • Where boats should be parked
  • Contact details of boat owner
  • If payment is up to date

How it works

Each boat is given its own unique QR code. Staff simply scan the code with a smartphone to instantly access owner identity, contact details, payment history and arrears.

Our online dashboard lets you analyse your traffic flow at click of a button. You can run a range of reports from occupancy rates to monthly revenues. This means you can see what’s working and what’s not!

Who needs it?

Park Turtle is perfect for all sorts of boating clubs from Yachting and Diving to Angling and Sea Scouting. It makes sure you’re not missing out on any potential revenue to be earned from your space.

The benefits

Real time snapshot of current occupancy Cuts down on time-consuming admin All the info you need at your fingertips Reduces man hours Allows you to confidently forecast for each boating season Let’s you build a robust database Provides a seamless and safe online payment*

Get Started

Turtle technology

Park Turtle is simple to set up and works on any device, from android to iOS. And the best part is it’s universal! Anyone can use it, from anglers in Ireland to sailors from San Sebastian!

Our dashboard provides a real time snapshot of your parking. See exactly who has parked, their location and how long they’ve been there. Run status reports and follow up on parked items that are overdue for payment.

Our flexible design means you can customise the dashboard with your own club branding. This boosts your brand profile and keeps you front of mind with your customers.

Easy Collect Parking Fees

Park Turtle sends a friendly email to remind owners their parking is overdue. They can either pay in person or online.

Online payments are transferred to your bank account by Stripe and the parking status is instantly updated once payment is made.

Talk to Turtle

We'll be adding loads of new stuff to make Park Turtle even more awesome. And if you have any ideas or suggestions please just let us know.

If you have any queries about Park Turtle or need a demo we’d love to hear from you!