The smart way to manage boat parking and storage.

Optimise Your Parking, Maximize Your Revenue

Park Turtle helps you manage your boat parking, storage and seasonal fees all in one smart little app. Harbours and marinas are busy places - it's hard to keep track of all that traffic. With space at a premium, you need to optimise your parking to maximise your revenue!

Need an easy way to manage boat parking?

We make club parking management simple.

Manage parking from an online dashboard

Overview current parking situation, owners and item information so you stay up to date with parking revenues.

Easily view revebue reports and follow up on parked items that are overdue for payment.

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How it works...

Use QR labels to identify and track items

QR Codes are unique and give the user ownership and payment history.

Complete parking audits using a smart phone

Team members can scan QR labels using a standard smart phone to record a parked item, view ownership and the current payment status.

Easily collect parking fees

Owners can be contacted to remove an item or make a payment. Park Turtle will send a friendly email to remind owners of overdue fees. Payment is transferred to your account and parking status is instantly updated once fee is made.

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