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Park Turtle helps you manage your boat parking, storage and seasonal fees all in one smart little app.

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Working with Smart Clubs

Sailing clubs can lose as much as 50% of parking fees, we help by providing a contactless tagging system to automate the frustrating and back breaking work of inspecting boats, finding boat owners and collecting payments. Ensuring members pay before they park at your club.

John Chambers

CTO at Park Turtle

Frequently asked questions

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Who needs Park Turtle?
Park Turtle is perfect for clubs, marinas, boat yards, or any storage facility indoors or outdoors. Park Turtle gives full visibility as to who and what is stored and ensures facilities are not missing out on any potential revenue to be earned from parking, storage or other services.
How does it work?
Each boat is given its own unique QR code. Staff simply scan the code with a smartphone to instantly access the owner's identity, contact details, payment history and arrears.
What are the benefits?
Real time snapshot of current occupancy cuts down on time-consuming admin and gives you all the information you need at your fingertips. This reduces labour hours, allows you to confidently forecast revenues for each boating season, let’s you build a robust database and provides a seamless and safe online payments system.
How are payments processed?
We integrate with Stripe Connect to enable seemless and secure online payments. We can connect to your existing Stripe account.
Can I contact you to find out more?
Yes. We're happy to talk and welcome any ideas or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.
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